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Monday, July 30, 2012

Canadian Expeditionary Force Discharge Certificate for Hanby Harper, Winnipeg, 1919

Canadian Expeditionary Force 
Discharge Certificate 
War Service Badge Class A, No 186068
This is to certify that No. 37476 (Rank) Staff-Sergt. Hanby Harper enlisted in the C.T.A. Canadian Expeditionary Force at Winnipeg on the 27th day of September 1914.  He served in 3rd C. D. M. T Coy: France [3rd Cavalry Division Mechanical Transport Company].

This World War 1 Discharge Certificate was found in a Victoria Antique Shop specializing in Military items.  Someone mounted the paper onto cardboard, probably for display purposes.

I located Hanby Harper's Attestation Papers on the Library and Archives Canada website. The attestation papers (see link above) show that Hanby was born in Otley, Yorkshire, England on the 12 February 1896 and that he enlisted at the age of 18 years and 6 months.  Hanby was employed as a painter and was not married at the time of his enlistment in September of 1914.  His next-of-kin is Fredrick Harper, who lived at 583 Bannerman Avenue in Winnipeg.

Fredrick Harper was Hanby's father, and his mother's name was Florence Wardman1.  The family lived in Otley at the time of the 1901 UK census.  

In 1911 Hanby was living at the home of his grandparents, John and Christina Wardman in Birkenhead, Cheshire2.  I don't know when Hanby and his parents came to Canada.  I was unable to find them in the immigration records that I have access to online. 

In 1932, Hanby is living at 569 Bannerman Avenue in Winnipeg; Mrs. Fred Harper, just a few doors down at 577 Bannerman3.  I haven't yet discovered what happened to him after that.  If you have information to share, I'd love to hear from you.

UPDATE  Aug 3, 2012:  How this document ended up in an antique store, we haven't quite figured out yet, but I am happy to report that this certificate has been reunited with Hanby Harper's granddaughter in Ontario. 

1 "1901 England Census," England, Yorkshire, Otley, p.23, Hanby Harper; digital image, Ancestry.com (http://www.ancestry.com : accessed July 9, 2012); citing Census Returns of England and Wales, 1901. Kew, Surrey, England.
2 "1911 England Census," England, Cheshire, Birkenhead, piece21997, Hanby Harper; digital image, Ancestry.com (http://www.ancestry.com : accessed July 9, 2012); citing Census Returns of England and Wales, 1911. Kew, Surrey, England
3 Henderson's directory of the City of Winnipeg and incorporated towns of Manitoba. Winnipeg: J. Henderson, 1932, page 302.

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Young May Gordon, Pawnee, Oklahoma Territory, 1890s

On the reverse of the card someone has written, "May Gordon, Oklahoma Territory.  There isn't a date provided but we can narrow things down, if we come at it from a few angles.  First, the photographer's imprint on the front gives the location as "Pawnee, O.T."  Oklahoma Territory came into being in May of 1890 and remained so, until it merged with the Indian Territory in 1907 to become the State of Oklahoma.

Secondly, we can look at the style of this cabinet card.  Notice the scalloped edges.  I seem to have cropped one side of the scalloped completely off when I prepared this picture for uploading.  The original does have all four scalloped edges.  This was a card stock  feature from about 1886 to 1900.

I had absolutely zero luck finding anything about A. L. Stewart, the photographer.  Perhaps something could be found off-line in a local history book  such as Pawnee Pride: History of Pawnee County by Franks & Lambert, but I suspect A.L. Stewart may have set up shop in Pawnee for a just short while. The fringed chair doesn't provide us with anything new, as it was a popular piece of furniture in portrait photography from the 1860s and on to about 1900.

I can't see too much of the girl's dress because it has largely faded into the white portion of the backdrop.  While I can't get a good look at the shoulder, sleeves or waist, I do see smocking at the bodice.  It's hard to tell if it is a plain white dress or if it has a pattern to it since the picture is so washed-out.  I'm afraid the clothing doesn't give up too many clues, either.  Her long hair is pulled back over the ears with short frizzy-curled bangs, a style seen on young girls  in the 1890s.

If I had to commit to a date range, I'd guess 1895 to 1899.

I found a May E. Gordon in the 1900 census, born Aug 1884 in Kansas, living with her divorced mother, Mattie, 33, and her younger brother John L. Gordon, b. Aug 1886, also in Kansas.  May's mother was employed as dressmaker, and fifteen-year-old May worked as a housekeeper.  John was a day labourer 1

While I couldn't find much more in the records about May, I did find John's WW1 Draft Registration which provided more details.  John was born in Pleasanton, Kansas on August 25, 1886, and worked as a Barber in 1917.2

I thought it might be helpful to see if I could find information on a  May Gordon born in Pleasanton in 1884, and while I didn't locate any records, I did find a tree on Ancestry, which I have not verified, with a Detta May Gordon in it, who was born 24 Aug 1884 in Pleasanton and died in Oklahoma City on the 21st of April 19733.  She married a man named Maurice or Morris Marx in 1903.  I have no way of knowing, without further research,  if this tree is accurate, but it bears looking into.

Is Detta May Gordon the girl in the photograph?  I just don't know.  Perhaps there is an image of Detta out there somewhere, or maybe someone has a copy of this photograph.  I think a photo-to-photo comparison is the only way we will ever know.

1 "United States Census, 1900," index and images, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/MMGD-S6D : accessed 27 July 2012), May E Gordon in household of Mattie Gordon, ED 179 Pawnee Township (incl. Pawnee County Jail) Pawnee city, Pawnee, Oklahoma Territory, United States.
2 World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 [database on-line]; Ancestry.com (http://www.ancestry.com), accessed July 15, 2012, Entry for John Le Roy Gordon, Registration Location: Logan County, Oklahoma; Roll: 1851806; Draft Board: 0.
3 http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/34436263/person/18640835211

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What a Shame Wednesday: To Katie from Alfred, Kopke Studio, Brooklyn, NY, 1888

This is a classic, late 1880s cabinet card photograph.  The dark hazel cardstock was favoured at this time, as were dark burgundies, and deep forest greens.  The photographer's information is printed with gold ink, "Kopke, 405 to 409 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, N.Y."

On the reverse we find an inscription, "Katie from Alfred, July 1888"  A negative number is given, #22686, which probably won't help us much since an archive of Kopke's images doesn't seem to exist.

It would have been so easy for Alfred to include last names, but perhaps he was trying for a more familiar tone with his inscription for Katie. Whatever the reason, this decision means that we will likely never know his identity.  That is truly a shame.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Carrie Harris' Postcard Portait from Saint Louis, Michigan, 1915

I've cropped this postcard image so you can see Miss Carrie Harris more clearly.  She has written on the back of the card, addressed to Miss Myrtle West, Aurora, Ontario, "Hello My Dear.  I received your card was glad to here [sic] from you .  How is Auntie?  I will write you a letter soon.  Good bye from Carrie Harris, St. Louis, Mich."  It was postmarked Jan 5 1915, St. Louis, Mich.

I began my search looking specifically in St. Louis, Michigan and didn't find any Carries or Carolines, although there were a few Harris families living there.   Widening the search confirms that Carrie Harris is a fairly common name.  Unfortunately, Carrie hasn't provided us with many clues in her letter.

Myrtle West, the recipient of the postcard is equally elusive in the censuses.  There are a number of Myrtle Wests, none that I can locate in Aurora.

If you have any information to share about Carrie Harris, or Myrtle West, I'd love to hear your comments.

Reverse of postcard, added Sept 18/12

Friday, July 20, 2012

A Gentleman Takes Off His Hat: Leonard Monroe Warner, Goldendale, Washington, 1892

Most cabinet cards are a standard size, 4 1/2" X 6 1/2", but this one is a bit unusual in that it measures 5 1/4" X 8 1/2".  It was taken at the Rifenburg and Murphy Studio and while there is no location listed on the card, I learned that this studio operated out of Medford, Oregeon until March of 1893 when the partnership between the two photographers was dissolved.  Later that same year, Riffenburg moved to California to mine for gold 1.

But the photograph gives us a good clue towards dating the image.  It reads on the reverse, "8 years Leonard Monroe Warner."  It was found with a second photograph of Lucinda Jane Parshall Warner (Janey Warner) taken at the Flanary Studio in Goldendale, Washington, as well as an incredibly cute picture of Leonard's younger sister, Esther Warner, when she was about two or three years old taken at the Eli F. Miller Studio in Goldendale.

With this information I found fifteen-year-old Leonard M. with his parents Melville and Lucinda Warner, and his younger brother Lester, living in Goldendale, Klickitat, Washington at the time of 1900 Census 2.  Leonard's WW1 registration card lists his occupation as auto mechanic and provides a birthdate of 22 September 1883.  He is married to Mary L. Warner and they live at 498 Ainsworth 3.

His WW2 registration card provides a different birth year, 22 Sept 1884.  His wife in 1942 is Hattie F. Warner and his occupation is Federal Guard, Port of Embarkation with the US Government 4.

Leonard Monroe Warner died on the 3rd of February in Portland 5.  His is buried in Lincoln Memorial Park in Portland 6

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6 Leonard M Warner (1884 - 1946) - Find A Grave Memorial

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What a Shame Wednesday: The Woman with the Bow, Sparta, Wisconsin, ca. 1860s

We don't know the name of the woman in this 1860s tintype, but we do know that the image was created at Brownell's Gallery in Sparta, Wisconsin.  I haven't been able to find much on this gallery online, which leads me to believe it may not have been in business very long.  I did find a 22-year-old Muth/Matt(?) Brownell, photographer, in the 1870 Census living in Sparta.  He was born in Vermont.  He doesn't appear in the later censuses in Sparta.

It's also a shame that the mottled image doesn't allow us a clearer look at the subject of the photo. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Angus and Clara Fraser Family, Marquette, Manitoba, Circa 1907

It's very satisfying to research family group portraits because they are a glimpse into that family unit at a particular time and place.  This one is labelled "Uncle Angus, Aunt Clara, Jack & Colin Fraser," and is also inscribed, "To Annie, With Xmas Greetings, Angus & Clara."

The image was photographed at the Albert Smith Art Studio in Shoal Lake, Manitoba.  According to The Western Canada Photographers List by Glen C. Phillips, Albert Smith was working in Shoal Lake from 1907-1925.  This is probably one of his early Shoal Lake portraits.

In 1906 the 32 year-old Angus Fraser, and his 29 year-old wife, Clara can be found living in the Marquette, Manitoba district with their two sons, John, age 3 and month-old, Colin1.  By the 1911 census, the family has moved to 320 Aubrey Street, Winnipeg.  The two boys now have a sister named Mary, born March 1910.  Angus is a physician, and the family is probably doing okay financially, as the family now employs a 16-year-old domestic servant by the name of Mary C. Hart2.  Today, the house on Aubrey Street is long gone, replaced by a strip mall/brake shop.

Clara's maiden name was McCulloch3.  She and Angus were married on the 27th of March 1902 in Winnipeg.

From the information we've gleaned from the census records, we can date this image to late-1907.

1 1906 Canada Census of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, Marquette, Manitoba, population schedule, Marquette District, subdistrict #9, p.23 (penned), family 115, Angus Fraser family; digital image, Ancestry.ca (http://www.ancestry.ca : accessed 1 July 2012); citing Library and Archives Canada microfilm T-18353 to T-18363.
2 1911 census of Canada, Winnipeg City, Winnipeg, Manitoba, population schedule, enumeration district (ED) 16, subdistrict # 16, p.15 (penned), family 172, Angus Fraser family, digital image, Ancestry.ca (http://www.ancestry.ca : accessed July 1, 2012), citing microfilm LAC microfilm T-20326 to T-20460
3 “Manitoba, Marriage Index, 1879-1931,” database, entry for Angus Fraser and Clara McCulloch, 27 Mar 1902, reg #1902, 001837 Ancestry.ca (http://www.ancestry.ca : accessed 1 July 2012), citing Manitoba Consumer and Corporate Affairs. http://vitalstats.gov.mb.ca/Query.php: accessed 2 April 2012.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Master Barton Mosher Shepard, Butte, Montana, Circa 1891

I told you about this picture a few blog post back when I focused on the image of Nellie May Shepard. This little guy is Nellie's younger brother, Barton M. Shepard.

While he didn't appear on the censuses I looked at on Nellie's post, he does show up in the 1892 Washington State and Territorial Census, in Seattle at the age of 5 years old.  This image was photographed at the A. J. Dusseau Studio on the NE Corner of Main & Broadway, Butte, Montana.  The 1892 censuses tells us that Barton's father, D. Barton Shepard was a real estate man.

My best guess on a date for this image would be 1891-1892.  Alrick (A.J.) Dusseau operated out of Butte from the late 1870s to around the time of his death in 1908.   After 1902, he worked in partnership with George Thompson, but prior to that his imprints read, "A. J. Dusseau."  In the 1890 - 91 Butte City Directory, Dusseau is living on Main & Broadway, where this studio was located.  The little boy looks to be about four years old to me. 

Like Nellie, Barton M. Shepard ended up living in Seattle, Washington.  According to the SSDI, Barton died in September of 1970 in King County, Washington.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Percival Norris Waind and his sister, Lorena Maud Waind, Elora, Ontario, Circa 1892

I almost made this a "What-A-Shame" post because of the very rough condition of the cabinet card.  But, I guess we should look on the bright side:  the image is still there and now it can be copied and saved for future generations.  I hope you can make out the young boy's thick curls in the portrait.  He's quite the dapper young man.  The pair are identified on the back of the cabinet card as "Percy & Lora Waind."  It is inscribed "for Barbara."  The image was taken by either Thomas Connon or his son, John Connon, in Elora, Ontario around 1892.

Percival Waind, born on the 14th of March 1887, was the eldest child of Mark and Elizabeth Waind1.  His sister, Laura (Lorena Maud), came into the world on December 4th, 1889 in Puslinch Township2, Ontario.   The family later lived in Elora, Ontario.  The pair had four other siblings:  Wilber, Warren H., Carman and Frances.

By 1911, Percy and Lorena's father had died, leaving Elizabeth with two children under the age of 18.  Percy and Lorena, who were both in their early-to-mid twenties at the time of the 1911 Canada Census, were still living at home, probably to help their mother out.  Percy was employed as a book-keeper, while Lorena worked as a nurse3.

On September 25, 1919, Percy married 27-year-old Laura McBrine, daughter of Lewis and Martha (Walker) McBrine in Waterloo County, Ontario4.  Sadly, the couple did not have a long marriage together.  Just less than six months after their vows, Percival was stricken with influenza, and died5.  He was buried on Valentine's Day, 1920.

Lorena Waind married Joseph Elmer Wright on August 28, 1912, in Vancouver6. According to a tree I found on Ancestry, which I can not confirm or verify, the couple had one child, Charlotte Waind Wright.  According to the same tree, Lorena Maud Waind died on the 11th of July, 1981.

1 1901 census of Canada, Elora, Wellington, Ontario, population schedule, enumeration district (ED) 134, subdistrict # B2, p.6 (penned), dwelling 67, family 67, Mark Waind family; digital image, Ancestry.ca (http://www.ancestry.ca : accessed 1 July 2012); citing Library and Archives Canada microfilm T-6428 through T-6556.
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Monday, July 9, 2012

Sarah Emily Atkinson Jowett Gower-Rees and Her Children, 1918

This lovely family portrait was taken by Walter Scott, Photographer, 26 - 30A, North Parade, Bradford, England and found here on Vancouver Island.  We are lucky that someone took the time to clearly identify the individuals in the portrait, making our search so much easier.  The writing on the reverse of the photograph reads:

"Wife of Albert Phillip Gower-Rees (father of the three)
Sarah Emily Gower - Rees, Nee Atkinson Jowett
with her three daughters
Joan on her right
Gwen at her left
Mary on her knee,
Circa 1918"

Albert P. Gower-Rees, an Anglican clergyman and his family, as described above, arrived in Montreal, Quebec in October of 1927 1.    Albert was heading to St. George's Rectory in Montreal, where he'd work for many years.  In the 1940's A.P. Gower-Rees was Archdeacon of the church.  The family resided at 1110 Windsor Street, Montreal2.  I found a newspaper article on page 8 in the Montreal Gazette, October 31, 1927 that provides a wealth of information on the clergyman and his wife, Sarah:

In 1952 A.P. Gower-Rees wrote a history called, Historical Sketch of St. George's Church, Montreal: And Its Constitution.  A.P. Gower-Rees also gave a number of speeches, including, "Has The British Empire Completed Its Task?" to the Empire Club of Canada, and the text of that 1947 speech can be found on their website.  Archdeacon Gower-Rees passed away in 1956, according to this report in a Newfoundland newspaper:

The Daily News, September 1956

According to the obituary I found in the Montreal Gazette in their January 2, 1981 edition, Gwen Gower-Rees passed away at her home in Montreal on December 29, 1980.  She was survived by her sister Joan, a resident of Sussex, England, and her other sister, Mary, who lived in Montreal.  Gwen's funeral was held at St. George's.

I also located an obituary for Mary Gower-Rees, who died in 2011 in Saanichton, BC.  It is possible that the image I found belonged to Mary, or perhaps one of her family members since it was discovered close-by at a Victoria, BC antique shop.  I haven't been able to track down an obituary for Sarah Emily Gower-Rees yet.

Update, August 29, 2012:  A distant step-relative of the Sarah Emily Atkinson Jowett provided a wonderful history of her family over on the Rootschat forum, in response to the post I placed there about this photo.  You can find it here

1 "Canadian Passenger Lists, 1865-1935," digital image, Ancestry.com (http://ancestry.com : accessed July 2, 2012), Sarah Gower-Rees entry, 29 Oct 1927, Ship: Montclare; citing LAC microfilm T-479 to T-520, T-4689 to T-4874, T-14700 to T-14939, C-4511 to C-4542.
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Friday, July 6, 2012

The Future Mrs. Beaulieu - Nellie May Shepard, Class of 1899, Michigan

The lovely young woman in the flouncy, high-necked, chiffon-laced dress is Nellie May Shepard, from "the Class of '99."  From which class, we don't exactly know, but we should have enough clues to figure out who Miss Shepard is.  This image was found in a Vancouver antique shop alongside three other Shepard family images, and Nellie should fit into this family somewhere.  Two of the photos, including the above image were taken in Ovid, Michigan.  The others were photographed in Seattle and St. Johns, Michigan.

The other photographs are of

1)  "Barton M. Shepard, son of D.B & Ella Barton." 
2)  "Ella Doe Shepard, mother of Nellie Beaulieu," 
3)  "Mrs. James Doe - ??? Doe, mother of Ella M. Shepard."

With the information on the photographs I've linked Nellie to the family of Barton Shepard, who appears in the 1880 US Census 1.   The family consisted of:

Barton Shepard, 29, Drover, born Pennsylvania
Mary H. Shepard (I believe she went by the name Ella), 22, born Canada
Mary E. Shepard (I believe she went by the name Nellie), 5 months, born Michigan
Marshall E. Doe, 24, farm lab.

One of the photographs tell us that Nellie married someone with the surname Beaulieu.  I did not find a marriage record online for Nellie, but I did locate a Nellie Beaulieu, born 1880 in Michigan, in the 1910 census, married to Richard L. Beaulieu, 40, with son, Charlies, 3 months2. The family lived in Seattle, and later moved to Everett, Washington3.

I can't say with certainty this is the correct Nellie Shepard Beaulieu.  A marriage record would be required to make the connection properly.  

This Nellie Beaulieu passed away in Washington State on the 19th of November 19504.

UPDATE:  July 15, 2012:  I went back to the antique shop and found another photo belonging to this family.  This one is a baby portrait of Charles Beaulieu, son of Nellie and Richard Beaulieu.  

UPDATE: July 27, 2012:  While this photo hasn't yet been reunited, the three other photos I mentioned in the above post have been returned to a descendant.   They arrived at their new home today and here is what the recipient had to say: 

I just got the pictures today.  Fantastic.  The Mrs. James Doe picture is especially invaluable.  Her name, by the way, was Mary Ann Knuckey, a miner's daughter from Cornwall, whose father died a few months after she was born in 1837 (he died of a fever on a return trip from mining in Cuba). Mary Ann's mother remarried, moved her family to Canada, remarried again, and moved to Ovid, in mid-Michigan.  Mary Ann married James Doe in Canada, then moved with her mother and lived in Ovid the rest of her life (aside from visiting grandchildren in Seattle!) and died there in 1928.  Mary Ann and James had only one son, Marshall (who opened a drug store in Philipsburg, Montana -- the M.E. Doe house is a historical monument there), and eight daughters, including Ella (Doe) Shepard and Edith (Doe) Baker (my gg-grandmother).  
Not that you really needed that info, but I liked sharing.   :)

1 "United States Census, 1880," index, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/MWSS-QFR : accessed 5 July 2012), Mary E. Shepard in household of Barton Shepard, Ovid, Clinton, Michigan.
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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Raymond Howard Doremyer, South Bend, Indiana, ca. 1898

This cute portrait of a little boy in his naval-inspired suit has an inscription on the reverse that reads, "Raymond Doremyer, Jim's son," which handily provides us with an extra clue about his parentage.  It was taken at the Bonney & Schumaker Studio in South Bend, Indiana, probably around 1898.

Seldom do I find only one possibility in the census records on Ancestry or Familysearch when I am researching a surname that I find inscribed on the reverse of a photograph.  But, that was the case when I typed the name "Raymond Doremyer" into the search box today and hit "return."  The 1920 census, our only match, gives us the following family, living in Portland, Oregon1:

James F. Doremyer, 62, head
Anna M. Doremyer, 47, wife
Raymond H. Doremyer, 24, son, born in Illinois, riveter at shipyard
George B. Doremyer, 20, son

I tried to locate the family in the 1910 census but came up empty.  It is quite possible that the spelling/transcription of  Doremyer may be different and will take a bit of creative searching to turn up a match. I did, however find his WWII Draft Registration Card on Ancestry which tells us he was born in Chicago and that his birth date was October 18, 1895.2 

Raymond H. Doremyer passed away on the 10th of July, 1946 in Portland, Oregon3.

1 1920 U.S. census, Multnomah County, Oregon, population schedule, Portland, E.D. 174, sheet 7-A, dwelling 46, family 57, James F. Doremyer family; digital image, Ancestry.com (http://www.ancestry.com : accessed 15 June 2012); citing NARA Microfilm publication T625, rol1 1503.
2 U.S. World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942," [database online] Raymond H. Doremyer; Ancestry.com (http://www.ancestry.com : accesed 15 June 2012).
3 "Oregon, Death Index, 1903-1998," index, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/VZC4-ZPP : accessed 2 July 2012), Raymond H Doremyer, 1946.

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Dapper Young Alfred Holzschuher, Newark, NJ, circa 1870

I just love the stance and serious attitude of the young boy in this carte de visite image.  It is identified on the reverse as "Alfred Holzchucher"  and was taken at the J. Kirk studio at "194 Broad Street (651 New No.) Newark, N.J."  According to Gary Saretzky's New Jersey Photographer's List, this particular imprint was in use between 1869-1871.

I did not find any Holzschuchers in New Jersey in the various censuses.  I did, however, find an Alfred Holzschuher, age 4,  in the 1870 census in Newark, NJ.  His parents were Bavarian-born Karl and Rosa Holzschuher.  Karl worked as a druggist1

Alfred Robert Holzschuher, born 18 June 1867, was christened in Saint Peter's Catholic Church, Newark, in August of the same year.  Carl Holzschuher and Rosalia Jeck are listed as his parents2.

I lose track of Alfred until the 1920 Census, when he is living with his wife, Rose, in San Antonio, Texas3. It appears he followed in his father's footsteps as he is employed at that time as a druggist.

1 1870 U.S. census, Essex County, New Jersey, population schedule, Newark Ward 3, p. 68 (penned), dwelling 367, family 569, Karl Holzschuher; digital image, Ancestry.com (http://www.ancestry.com : accessed 15 June 2012); citing NARA Microfilm publication M593, rol1 879.
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