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Thursday, December 15, 2011

F. Shut's Paint Gang, Sioux Center, Iowa, 1915?

The Paint Gang is taking a well-deserved break in this real postcard photograph.  The postcard hasn't been sent through the mail, nor are there any handwritten notations on the back of the photo.  The only identification we have is printed on the image itself:  F. Shut's Paint Gang, Sioux Center, IA., and that the postcard was made by the "Big 4 Postcard Co." in Albert Lea, Minn.  It's a difficult image to date.

The first postcard photos came out around 1907.  The census records for Sioux Center, IA haven't yielded any businesses or people by the name of Shut or Shut's.  There is a Schut family, but no one with the initial "F."  I searched for other "Big 4 Postcard Co." real photos out there, and found several dating from 1912-1917.  I'm taking a guess on 1915.

I stumbled across an interesting title while I was searching on Google for Sioux Center, Iowa postcards.  I wonder if this book might have this picture in it?  A long shot I know, but it might be worth pursuing.  The title is Was This Heaven?: A Self-Portrait of Iowa on Early Postcards by Lyell D. Henry, Jr.  It looks like it is a collection of "Real" Iowa photos of everyday people and places.   I think it would be worth a look-through.

Update:  Wilma, from IAGenWeb writes:  
"Found in an ad in the Sioux Center Nieuwsblad (Dutch newspaper of Feb 17, 1909. It apparently was F. Schut instead of Shut

Painting:, Decorations',
..Glaring', Pyrography,
.. Wood Finishing^
Flaris and Specifications;
Phono No". 89. .
Sioux Center, Iowa. 

Here is the marriage of Frank Schut which was in the Alton Democrat paper of  Mar 27, 1909.

At the home of the bride's parents in Sioux Center on Wednesday March twenty
fourth 1909 occurred the marriage of Frank Schut and Miss Gezina Prins, Rev. B, De Jonge performed the ceremony in the presence of a goodly number of relatives at the hour of high noon. The groom is a son of Mr, and Mrs, Sander Schut—his father being a retired farmer and he himself being employed as a painter. The bride is a daughter of Mr, and Mrs. John Prins who located in Sioux Center this spring. The young peolpe will make their home in Sioux Center.
( I have found that later they moved to Mich and she died in 1923 leaving three children motherless.)"

Thanks, Wilma, for all of your help with this photo!

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