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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cute as a Button: The O'Brien Girls, Minneapolis, MN; circa 1908

These two adorable cherubs are identified as "My cousins. Daughters of Micke O'Brien, my mother's brother" on the back of this photograph.  The photographer was Stanislaw Kierski, who operated his studio on the south-east corner of 5th Street and Central Avenue, Minneapolis, between 1907 & 1908.

A look at the 1901 US Federal Census for Minnesota was a bit disheartening.  There are well over 40 Michael O'Briens in the State at the time, far more if you count other variations.  Of course I have no way of knowing if the O'Briens even lived in Minnesota.

If I restrict the search to Minneapolis only, I narrow it down to six possibilities.  None really seem like a good fit.  One Michael O'Brien had children about this age, but it's such a long shot.  If we had the given names of the children, I would feel so much better speculating about their identity.

If, by some miracle, you think you may know who these girls are, I'd love to hear from you.

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  1. They are adorable. With the name and relationship you quoted at the beginning, I thought surely you would find a family member. But now that you mention it, probably not. Too bad. It would be so great to make a connection!