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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

With a Bow in Her Hair: Ethel Glass, Allegheny, PA, ca. 1906

In yesterday's post, I focused on the photograph of this young girl's mother, Lizzie Mehrmann Glass.  Today, it's little Ethel Lenora Glass' turn.

Ethel was born on the 2nd of January 1902.  This photograph, along with a baby picture of Ethel, was found in a grouping of pictures and bible records of the Glass family.

Ethel and her parents, Roy and Elizabeth Glass, along with siblings Mary and Hazel, lived in Westmoreland and Beaver counties in Pennsylvania.  Her father, Roy, lived in Washington County, PA as a child, and her mother Elizabeth Mehrmann, grew up in Allegheny.  In 1920 Ethel, age 17, is living in Beaver, PA with her parents.

According to the bible records, when Ethel died on May 27, 1929 her married name was Patterson.  I haven't been able to find Ethel in the 1930 US census yet, nor locate a marriage record, death record or obituary.

UPDATE  March 10, 2012:  It's another Family Photo Reunion!  One of Ethel's nieces has claimed this picture, along with 7 other photographs from the Glass family collection.  These will be heading back home shortly.


  1. This is my great aunt. I have always heard that she was, unfortunately, murdered. Apparently her husband was suspected. I don't know the truth in all of that.

  2. Hi Holly,
    That's really sad news. Do you know where she might have lived at the time? I've tried to find information about Ethel's life as a married woman, but haven't been able to locate anything. If she was murdered, then there was likely some newspaper coverage. So far I haven't found any 1929 PA newspapers online.

    I'm glad you found this post! Perhaps someone here can find more info...anyone have access to PA newspapers?