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Monday, April 9, 2012

Another Senior Studio Portrait: Rhoda Jane Kerslake, Usborne, Ontario, Circa 1905

Margie, a Family Photo Reunion supporter from Calgary, sent me this lovely photograph of Rhoda Kerslake (whose name is inscribed on the back) quite a while ago, so it's only a coincidence that last Thursday's post was also a photograph taken at the Senior Studio in Exeter, Ontario.

Luckily, Rhoda has an unusual name, so it was fairly easy to locate her in the Canada Census.  She first appears in the 1891 Census in Usborne, Perth South, Ontario as a nine-year-old.  Her mother, Mary Ann Rowe Kerslake, shows up without her husband, but I suspect there may have been a mistake made.  Perhaps the census taker overlooked husband John altogether.  I really don't know why he isn't there:  he is present in the 1901 and 1911 censuses and Mary isn't listed as head of household in 1891 or widowed, so clearly she was still married to John.  Rhoda had at least four siblings:  Mary, Charles, Alice, and Ethel. 

According to the 1901 census, Rhoda J. Kerslake was born 10 September 1881.  She married Robert George Reid, son of John Reid and Eliza Anne Clarke Reid in 1919 (Ontario, Canada Marriages, 1801-1928, Huron County).  Rhoda's mother passed away in 1904 and is buried in Exeter Cemetery.  Her father, John, died in 1925.  There are a number of Kerslakes in Exeter Cemetery, including John's parents. Henry Kerslake and Rebecca Vanstone Kerslake.  Rhoda and her husband Robert Reid lived in Varna, Ontario.  Even though I haven't been able to confirm this, one of the trees I found online shows that Rhoda died in 1971 at the age of 90 years. 


  1. Rhoda's parents-in-law were John Reid (1824-1899) and Eliza Jane Clarke (1838-1916). Eliza was the sister of my great-grandmother, Martha Clarke (1849-1939). Even though my connection to Rhoda isn't close, I was delighted when you contacted me to tell about the existence of the photo. Your blog is fantastic! Continue the wonderful work! Best wishes, Mary (Manchester,

    1. I appreciate you sharing this picture. Rhoda was a great aunt of my mother, who is also a descendant of John and Eliza Reid. I appreciate all the work you have done in finding the history of the photo and making the connection - Mary, I would be interested in comparing family trees to learn more about Martha's family.
      Ian (Bayfield, Ontario)