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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Super Sleuth Saturday: Who is Richard D. Hall?

Here's your Super Sleuth Saturday Challenge for this week.

Written faintly, in pencil on the back:

To Libbie from her 
Cousin Richard D. Hall
age 21years 11months
Oct 25, 1895

Can you uncover more details about Richard's life?

*** I'll be moving to a M-W-F posting schedule over the summer, beginning April 16  and will resume my normal schedule (Mon. through Sat.) in September.***


  1. I suspect this is your man:


    The 1910 US census doesn't list an occupation.

    The 1905 NY state census shows him as a City Lawyer and married to an Emma who is listed in later censuses as "Minnie". They appear to have been childless.


  2. What appears to be his parents:


    I'll see if I can track down cousin Libbie when time permits. :)

  3. I have to agree, I think this is our guy. Excellent detective work as always. Thanks IG!