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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What a Shame Wednesday: Mother and Child, Copenhagen, Denmark, Circa 1910s

The only thing I'm sure about with this photo is 1) It was taken at the Wilh. Kihlstrøm Studio, Østerbrogade 27, in Copenhagen.  2) It's a lovely Mother & Child photograph.  Beyond that, I can't say much.  The child is adorable and the mother has a kind face.

The name "Kjæld" is written in pen on the back of the photo.  And, a little lower on the card, upside down, is written the name "Hartman" in pencil.  I do not know if Kjæld is the name of the little one, or the recipient of the photo.  While faint, I believe the photographer's index number printed on the back reads, "11585."  This would come in handy if there were a master list of Kihlstrøm's photographs somewhere.

According to Bjørn Ochser, in "Fotografer i og fra Danmark til og med år 1920," Kihlstrøm was in business at this address from about 1902-1920.  I stayed in an apartment in Østerbro, Copenhagen a couple of years ago, just a few short blocks from 27 Østerbrogade.  It's a lovely part of the city.

I would date this photo around 1910-1914, but that is just a guess based on the woman's hair, and style of dress.


  1. This photograph of mother and son prompted me to post a similar photo from the same era (from Hungary). See A Jewish Genealogy Journey. Check out the different expressions on the faces in your photo and mine.

  2. I'm envious you got to stay in Copenhagen! I visited the lovely city for 3-4 days several years ago.

    Such a charming photograph... the boy certain has bright eyes and Mom looks a little weary from hanging on to her little "firecracker".