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Monday, July 23, 2012

Carrie Harris' Postcard Portait from Saint Louis, Michigan, 1915

I've cropped this postcard image so you can see Miss Carrie Harris more clearly.  She has written on the back of the card, addressed to Miss Myrtle West, Aurora, Ontario, "Hello My Dear.  I received your card was glad to here [sic] from you .  How is Auntie?  I will write you a letter soon.  Good bye from Carrie Harris, St. Louis, Mich."  It was postmarked Jan 5 1915, St. Louis, Mich.

I began my search looking specifically in St. Louis, Michigan and didn't find any Carries or Carolines, although there were a few Harris families living there.   Widening the search confirms that Carrie Harris is a fairly common name.  Unfortunately, Carrie hasn't provided us with many clues in her letter.

Myrtle West, the recipient of the postcard is equally elusive in the censuses.  There are a number of Myrtle Wests, none that I can locate in Aurora.

If you have any information to share about Carrie Harris, or Myrtle West, I'd love to hear your comments.

Reverse of postcard, added Sept 18/12


  1. I did find an obituary in the Newmarket Era from Oct 9th, 1941.

    "Exelby—On Wednesday, Oct 8. at his home, 20 Strathmore Boulevard, Toronto, Joseph Henry Exelby, in his 70th year, husband of Myrtle West.
    Service on Friday, at 2 p.m. Interment Aurora. Ont., upon arrival of motors."

    This led me to a marriage certificate on Ancestry between Myrtle Rhoda West and Joseph Henry Exelby, dated 1926, and both of whom lived in Aurora.

  2. Hi James,
    Thanks so much for looking into this! With your info I found someone on Ancestry who is researching Myrtle's family and asked her if she knew who Carrie Harris might be. I'll provide an update should I learn anything more.

  3. In another issue of the Newmarket Era (THURSDAY, AUGUST 29TH, 1946) The gossip column mentions a Mrs. Carrie Harris visiting from Lansing, Michigan, which is 50 miles due south of St. Louis and perhaps a better place to look?

  4. Might it be possible to see/post the back of this postcard? I have a family member's portrait-postcard possible from the same year, from possible same area, and I wanted to see if the backs match. Thanks in advance

  5. Hi Alexander, I will post the back of the card for you on the weekend. Thanks for stopping by.