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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Helen Marguerite Flash [Correction: FLATH] at Six Months, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1890s

This little darling is Miss Helen Marguerite Flash [Correction:  Flath].  She was found in the McLeod Family Album that I picked up at a Nanaimo antique shop.  This photo was one of two album images where the subject had been identified.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find out anything about Helen.  I know the picture was taken at Dempsie Portraits on 316 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis, probably around the late 1880s to the mid 1890s.   According to the Minnesota Historical Society's Directory of Minnesota Photographers, George M. Dempsie worked at this location from 1889 to 1910.

I thought I might be misreading the name:

But the surname still looks like Flash to me. [It has been determined that Helen's surname is FLATH]

What are your hunches?


  1. I think the name is Flath. There is a Helen M. Flath shown in the 1925 North Dakota, State Census born abt 1890.

    The handwritting while ornate, is hard to read.

  2. You are quite right about Flath, Iggy. I found several ancestry public trees that have a Helen Marguerite Flath, b. 1894 Minnesota, d. Winnipeg, MB (!) who was the daughter of George Philip Flath and (are you ready?) Laura M. THOMPSON. (John J. Thompson from the McLeod Album, had a sister named Laura M.) As I was looking at a tree with Helen in it, I noticed the tree owner had a picture of George Philip Flath. I have the exact same picture in the album. Mine was unidentified, but I think we now know who he is.

  3. Oh! That's exciting! And a match with ID too! :)

  4. Just came across this post. That picture is my Great Grandmother. Very cool