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Wednesday, October 18, 2023

What a Shame Wednesday: A Striking Plaid Dress, A. Peck Studio, Newburgh, New York, Circa 1864-1866

Since there is no identification as to the subject anywhere on this carte de visite photograph, sadly, we are unlikely to be able to identify her. The photograph was taken at the A. Peck studio at 117 Water Street, in Newburgh, NY between June of 1864 and August 1866.  The date can be narrowed down because a Tax revenue stamp of 2 cents, which was a tax enacted in June of 1862 by the US Federal Government to help with the cost of the Civil War, is affixed to the back of the photo.

Plaid dresses were popular during this time period, and this one is quite bold with its thick, white horizontal stripes. This young woman's black scarf/tie is fixed with a brooch and it matches the belt on her dress. I love the piping that runs along her dropped shoulder seam.  Her gloves and hat sit, waiting, on the arm of the chair. How old do you think she is?

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