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Friday, July 26, 2013

Thank Heaven for Negative Numbers: Jens Peter Nielsen and Johanne Cathrine Jensen, Kaas Mark, Jetsmark, Denmark, 1902

I'm a bit hesitant of posting photographs to be reunited when they originate from Tönnies Studio in Aalborg, Denmark.  My own family roots are in North Jylland, and I have several carte de visites of my family taken in that very studio.  There is a chance these people might even be my relatives, however distant.  Heinrich Tönnies operated his studio in Aalborg from 1856 to 1903.  After his death in 1903, his family took over the business and it remained in operation until 1975.

I am so happy that Tönnies' photograph records are actually available online, thanks to the Aalborg Stadsarkiv.  You can search for an image by negative number, or name.  Guess what?  This one has a negative number (135051) which tells us, hopefully correctly, that the image is of  "Nielsen, Jens Peter og Kone," [Nielsen, Jens Peter and wife] Kaas Mark, 13-09-1902." 

Kaas Mark is located Jetsmark Parish, Hvetbo, Hjørring, Denmark.  I went to Archivalieronline to have a look at the 1901 Folktælling (Census) for Jetsmark Sogn (parish).  I found only one Jens Peter Nielsen family living in Kaas Mark1:

Jens Peter Nielsen, born 24/6/1849 in Haverslev parish.  Father. Landbruger (farmer).
Johanne Cathrine Jensen, b. 19/6/1851 in Aarup parish. Mother.
Niels Nielsen, b. 18/6/1880 Jetsmark parish.  Child. Unmarried. Karetmagersvend (Carriagemaker's helper).
Karen Marie Nielsen, born 9/7/1888 Jetsmark parish. Child. Unmarried.
Marie Nielsen, born 9/7/1892 Jetsmark. Child. Unmarried.
Otto Peter Nielsen, born 1/8 1894 Jetsmark. Child. Unmarried.

Jens Peter and Johanne were married in 1875.  The couple had eight children, two of whom died. Jens Peter would have been 53 at the time this image was taken, and Johanne Cathrine, 49.

1 1901 census of Denmark, "Folktælling." Hjørring, Hvetbo, Jetsmark, Kaas Mark, Matrikel-Nr. 13, page 1219, entry for family of Jens Peter Nielsen. Digital image, Arkivalieronline online (http://www.sa.dk ; accessed 23 Jul 2013).

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