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Monday, November 21, 2011

Worthington, MN Photos, Circa 1890-1910 - Pt. 1

I acquired a set of cabinet card photographs from Worthington, Minnesota close to 20 years ago now.  I will feature these items in two postings.  Cabinet Cards are photographs printed on 4 1/4 X 6 1/2" card stock, introduced to North America in 1866, and were most popular between 1870 and 1895.  They remained in use for decades after their popularity waned.                                                                                               
Elsie Palm, the young girl featured in my first photo (left), was born October 1898 in Minnesota to August and Amelia Palm.  August immigrated to the US in 1888 from Sweden and married Amelia in 1896.  In the 1900 US census, Elsie is living with her parents and Uncle Carl in Worthington, Nobles County, MN.    Sometime after, her family moved to Fergus Falls in Otter Tail County, MN and appear in the 1910 census for that location.  By this time, Elsie has two sisters, Mabel (b. 1903) and Verna (b. 1908).           

Ten years later in the 1920 census, I found an Elsie Palm, with matching information, living in as a roomer in Duluth, MN.  Elsie is still living in Duluth in 1930, working as a School Teacher there.  The inscription on the back of the photo simply reads, "Elsie Palm" and "daughter of August & Amelia."  The photo would have been taken around 1905, give or take.

The second  & third photos in this series (right & below) are probably from the early 1890s in view of the standing puff-sleeves and style of dress the women are wearing. Both were taken at the Buchan Studios in Worthington.  "Jennie Johnson" is written on the reverse of the individual picture. "Anna, Jennie Johnson" is written on the other.   Johnson is such a common name in Minnesota, but you'd think it would be helpful to have the name of at least one sibling. So far I haven't found these Johnson siblings in the census for Worthington listed together. I have found a Jennie Johnson with Norwegian roots, b. 1874 in South Dakota who appears in the 1900 census working as a servant in Worthington.  Could it be her?

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