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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Blest Christmastide: A greeting for Mrs. Arnason of Arborg, Manitoba

O may it be
For you supremely blest,
And may you share
its Blessings with 
The Hearts that you love best.

I found this lovely Christmas postcard at one of my favourite antique shops nearby.  Here's the reverse of the card:

I checked the Censuses for Manitoba.  I had no idea there were so many Arnasons living Manitoba, especially in the Gimli and Selkirk areas.  Arborg was first settled primarily by Icelanders and before 1910 was called "Ardal."  Not long after, Ukrainian and Polish newcomers to Canada settled there as well, along with people of other ethnic backgrounds.

The writer of our postcard is clearly of Icelandic descent.  It reads, "To Ingibjargar from Gunnu(?). While I didn't have much luck with the censuses, I think it might be worth it to track down a copy of A Century Unfolds: The History of Arborg & District, by the Arborg Historical Society, 1987.  It's a fairly small town, just over a population of 1,000 today.  I wonder what it was like in the 1910s or 20s, when this card might have been sent. 


  1. In the rush of holiday preparations, I was scanning through my blog reader rather hastily, but just had to stop when I saw your postcard. Beautiful little gem! And how fascinating to discover that Icelandic alcove in Manitoba!

  2. Thanks Jacqi! I hope you have wonderful Christmas!

  3. There is a very good explination to why there are so many "Árnason" or in fact so many names that end in -son or -dottir : )

    Thank you for a very informative website : )

    Warm wishes from Iceland:

    Erla Arnardóttir