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Friday, December 30, 2011

To Mrs. Tubaugh, Shephard, Ohio, ca. 1915

This postcard photograph was made by Slaters Interurban Post Card Studio on Superior Street in Toledo, Ohio.  It is addressed to Mrs. Henry Tubaugh, Box 173, Shepard, Ohio.   It is not postmarked and doesn't appear to have been sent through the mail.

The first challenge was to locate Shephard, Ohio.  It must be a teeny-tiny place because I couldn't find it on any of my maps.    When I checked the 1910 US Census, I did not find anyone residing in Shephard, Ohio with this name.  I did find a Henry Tubaugh, b. 1864 Ohio, living in Green, Monroe, Ohio.  The family included Henry's wife, Lavina, age 43, and their children:  Gussie, 16; Gertrud, 15; Bessie, 14; Russel, 12; Wilbur, 11; Blanch, 9; Stella, 7; Esther, 6; Ruth, 4; and Harry, 8 months.  Also living with the family is Henry's sister, Caroline Tubaugh, 46.

While Lavina might be the person this photograph was addressed to, we still don't know us who the fellow in the portrait is.  Perhaps it is a brother.  Or Mr. Tubaugh himself.  Without locating another photograph to compare it with, I don't think we'll be able to tell for sure.


  1. is the photo clear enough to ba able to make out the 2 items on his lapels

  2. Hi kbbc, thanks for the great idea, but unfortunately, the one lapel pin is completely white in the photograph so when enlarged nothing is discernable. We tried adjusting the contrast on the picture, but again, the picture is just not clear enough. The left lapel item is actually a small crease in the photograph.

    Thanks for the suggestion and for stopping by!