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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year to the Streib Family, North Dakota, 1907

This card was mailed from Brooklyn, NY and postmarked  December 20, 1907.  It is addressed to "Mr. William Streib & Family, New Salem, North Dakota" and signed "from your Sister & Family, E. Behlert"

The Streib Family was a straightforward search.  They appear in the 1910 Census, living in New Salem, North Dakota. The family consists of:

William, head of household, b. 1863, Germany
Mary, wife, b. abt. 1864, Austria
Anna, daughter, b. abt. 1892, Illinois
Elmer, son, b. abt. 1894, Illinois
Martha, daughter, b. abt. 1896, Illinois
Esther, daughter, b. abt. 1899, Illinois

William came to the US from Germany in 1881. I found his passenger record:  March 21, 1881 on the ship P. Caland, from Rotterdam to New York.  He was 17 years old and seems to have been travelling alone.

Esther's birth record, dated Nov 28, 1898 from Chicago, IL lists Mary's maiden name as Mueller

I haven't figured out whose sister "E. Behlert" is yet.  I found an Elizabeth Behlert on the 1911 US Federal Census in Brooklyn, with husband, Charles Behlert.  I haven't found a document listing Elizabeth's maiden name.  I will follow that possibility some more, and if I find anything new, will post an update here.

Don't you just love the artwork on this postcard?  It was made in Germany.

Happy New Year, Everyone! 

Update January 3, 2012:  This postcard, along with a second one, addressed to Esther Streib, have been reunited with William Streib's great grand-daughter.  As well, a third postcard was found in February, addressed to William Streib.  In total, 3 postcards reunited.  

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  1. Thank you so much for finding this. William Streib is my great-grandfather. His son, Walter, is my grandfather. By 1910, Walter was 20 and no longer living at home. I knew that William came over by himself but I had no idea that either William or Mary might have had a sister in NY. I would love to get this postcard from you if possible. Please contact me at sgalagan@verizon.net. Again, thanks. Sheila Galagan