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Monday, January 2, 2012

Which Theodore Truslow? 1897, Concord, New Hampshire

This is an image of "Theodore Truslow," taken at the Kimball Studio in Concord, New Hampshire.  It is dated on the back, 1897. 

I couldn't find anything that I felt was a definitive match in the US Census or Canadian censuses.  To me, the boy in the photo looks about 13 years old.  I found two Theodore Truslows in the 1900 census for New York but one was born in 1880 (too old) and the other born 1891 (seems too young).  I couldn't find any Truslows living in New Hampshire in the latter part of the 1890s or early 1900s.  There are many, many Truslows in Virginia at the time.  None seem to be named Theodore.  Of course, we don't have the 1890 census which would have been the ideal resource.

So who is this Theodore Truslow?

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