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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Calling German Speakers: Little Girl With Doll, Friedsdorf, Kreis Lauban, Germany, (Poland), 1911

I admit I bought this postcard photograph because of the image, and not so much because I thought I could reunite it, although that would be a bonus!  I love the little girl's expression, and her frilly outfit.  The doll is wonderful, too. 

This postcard was sent through the mail from Friedersdorf, Kreis Lauban, Germany (now Poland) to someone with the surname Hunze or Kunze in Breslau  in Lower Silesia, Germany (now Wrocław, Poland).  Unfortunately, I only have an elementary knowledge of German, and I am unable to decipher the handwriting on this card.  Do we have any German-speakers who could take a crack at translating this postcard?


  1. Ach! such miserable handwriting!

    Someone that visits Farside of Fifty's Forgotten Old Photos website comes around and translates German (and bad handwriting too), perhaps Farside can remember who this person is... and hook you up?

  2. It is a tangled mess, isn't it? I think I can make out "liebe Teodor...?" the name Gertrud(e) at the end, maybe...and that's a big fat maybe.

    Maybe Farside can put us in touch. Thanks for the suggestion and for having a look!