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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

From Guri to Ingrid Hansen, Lofoten, Valberg, Norway, ca. 1914

This portrait postcard features a somewhat self-conscious young woman named Guri.  She has sent her picture to Ingrid Hansen in Lofoten, Valberg and writes in Norwegian, "Yes, you must think this a strange face, isn't it?  Tell me what you think next time you write.  Yours Guri."

The postcard is addressed to Miss Ingrid Hansen, Valberg, Lofoten.

According to the 1900 & 1910 Norway Censuses, Ingrid was born December 10, 1894, daughter of Albert Hansen and Lovise Pedersen and lived with her parents, three brothers and one sister, in Borge i Lofoten, Valberg.

Unfortunately, this postcard wasn't sent through the mail, does not have a postmark or return address on it,  so we don't know where Guri hailed from.   If you look at the address side of the postcard where the stamp would be affixed, you can see the postcard paper stock was made by Artura, a brand of the Kodak Company.  This particular stamp box design was in production from 1911-1921.  I would guess, based on Guri's age, dress and hairstyle, that this picture was taken sometime between 1914-1920.

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