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Friday, March 2, 2012

Mary Salmon: From Granum, Alberta to Oregon, 1910

This postcard photograph is dated, March 1910 and was not posted through the mail.  The inscription on the reverse reads, "Mary Salmon of Granum we used to know as a young girl.  Now of Oregon, U.S.A."  The postcard was addressed to "Etta."

Add to this, a second photo of "Mary Salmon, Granum, Alberta," taken Dec 1912, at the Leroy Studio in Portland, Oregon.

I've had a look for Mary Salmon in both the US Federal Censuses, and the Canada Censuses.  I'm a bit bewildered that I haven't found a suitable match in either.  There are a number of possibilities that require a good deal of guesswork.  So instead, I went to the Granum local history book, Leavings By Trail, Granum By Rail where I found a few Salmon references. Only one specifically mentioned Mary Salmon.  She appears in the Jumbo Valley Presbyterian Church's Communion list in 1911.  I even had a look through some of the issues of the Claresholm Local Press, to see if I could find mention of Mary in the town social column for Granum.  Unfortunately, this newspaper begins in 1914, perhaps a bit too late for our purposes.

I would guess by what I've found that Mary left for the US sometime around 1911-1912.  I do not know if she went alone, or with her family.  If you have any leads on Mary, please feel free to comment below.

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