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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mother and Daughter: Laura and Frances Horton Judson, Michigan,circa 1913

While identified with a mother and baby's name, this postcard photograph does not provide us with a photographer or location.  As you can see, the front is labelled, "Frances Jeannette Judson, Age Four Weeks."  The reverse is marked, "Laura Horton Judson And Daughter."

A quick search of the US Federal Census yielded only one match for this mother-daughter name combo, in 1920, Osbron, Maricopa, AZ:

George A. Judson, 32, Principal, Public School
Laura H. Judson, 28, born Michigan,
Frances J., 7, born Michigan
George A. J., 4 2/12, born  Arizona

The family is found in Scottsdale, AZ, in the 1930 Census with the addition of Eugene H., b 1922.  Frances is now going by the name "Jeannette."  Laura Judson's occupation is listed as "Dietitian, Private School."
It would appear that the Judson family moved to Phoenix and started a private boys school there.  George, Jr. taught at the "Judson School" in 1938.

I don't know what became of (Frances) Jeannette Judson after 1930.  With the 1940 Federal US Census coming out soon, we may be able to find out more.


  1. Michael Reagan, Ronald Reagan's adopted son, graduated from Judson School (a boarding school outside of Scottsdale, Arizona) in 1964. The school no longer stands.

    I believe Jeannette Judson Yount, who died in 1999 was this baby. In 1968 she wrote a book titled, "A study of symbols of transcendence in 20th century art", published by Arizona State University.

  2. http://arizonagravestones.org/view.php?id=21740

    She married Robert Ephraim Yount.

  3. Wow, thanks once again, IG! Little Frances Jeannette grew up to be one smart cookie! Awesome.