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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What a Shame Wednesday: Three Men from Wellston, Ohio, 1920s

The only identification on this photograph is contained in the photographer's imprint on the lower right front of the card.  It reads, "A. M. Handley, Wellston, O."

A. M. is Arthur Monroe Handley, born February 19, 1879 in Ohio.  I tried to narrow the time frame in which he practiced photography.  The first mention I could find of A.M. Handley, the photographer, is in the 1910 US Census .  Arthur is 31 years old, living in Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio and owns his own photography studio.  He seems to have kept up this occupation until at least 1930.

Sadly, this information doesn't tell us who these men are.  They would appear to be a father and two of his sons.  It's hard to date, because men's fashions don't have a lot of fashion points to date by.  If I had to guess, I'd place somewhere in the 1920s, but that is purely a guess.

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