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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What a Shame Wednesday: A Tintype of Three Brothers to Mrs. Dunn

This tintype was found in a Vancouver, BC antique shop.  There is handwriting on the front and back, which gave me some hope when I first saw it.  However, I'm not quite so optimistic about reuniting this one. On the front you can see the inscription, identifying the three boys:  Archie, Wayne, [and it looks like] Wilber. The reverse has a bit of information as well, if it can be read:

I can make out "Please give this to Mrs. N [P or V]. J. Dunn.  Dear [Justin/Teslin/???] I will send you all our pictures as soon as ----- [?].  Our respects."

There are too many unknowns to pursue this one much further.  Even the one surname we are given is iffy due to loose handwriting.  There isn't a location given, and the photo was found all by itself, without any other clues.  The patent date stamped on the front of the paper folder is "Mar 7 [18]65, September 22, [18]68."

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