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Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday's Child: Louis McK. Hughes, 1870

Today's carte de visite photograph was taken at the Sherman Studio at 385 Main Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  It's fairly well-identified with the following inscription on the reverse:  "Louis McK. Hughes, Aged 2 years, Oct 12th 1870. Weight 33 lbs."  There's also an inscription in pencil, probably added much later, "son of L. G. Hughes."

The Minnesota Territorial and State Censuses, 1849-1905, shows that on the 1 May 1875 census, Louis Hughes, age 6, born Wisconsin was living with his parents L.G & C.J. Hughes in Duluth, Minnesota, along with his siblings Carrie (Caroline), 4 and Ida, 1.

The family is still living in Duluth in 1880, but this time the parent's first names are recorded:  Lewis G. and Cornelia Hughes.  There is also a new son, Arthur, 1 years old.

The 1895 Minnesota census shows that the family moved to Minneapolis in 1891.  Ida is no longer living with the family.

In 1910, Lewis & Cornelia Hughes have moved to Fairfax County, Virginia.  Their daughter, Caroline accompanied them.  I've lost track of Louis McK. Hughes at this point, but he re-emerges in the 1930 at age 62, living in Helena, Montana. His occupation is listed as a clerk for the railway.   

Louis McK. Hughes' father, Lewis G. Hughes, was born in Connecticut around 1842.  Cornelia was born in New York State circa 1846. 


  1. Great research..hope some relatives show up! Look at those curls! :)

  2. I just found your blog via your post on Far Side of Fifty's photography blog. Thank you so much for what you are doing. I hope you reunite many of these old gems with their families. I so totally relate to your "About Me" statement. My family didn't pass down too much memorabilia, either, and I feel the same way when I see someone else's treasures orphaned like these photographs. I'm having the time of my life reveling in all the recently discovered stash from my husband's family, but all the same, wish there were something passed down from my own parents' families!

  3. Hi Jacqi! Glad you stopped by. I hope you are lucky enough to find some your family's photos one day. I like to think mine are sitting somewhere in an antique store waiting to be discovered. We can keep our fingers crossed, anyway!