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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Another Photo from Worthington, MN: Anna Bebensee, ca. 1905

Meet "Anna Bebbensee," as she has been identified on the back of this photo. She was born the 29th of October 1890 in Worthington, Minnesota and married William Pamperin on the 27th of September 1909 in Shelby, Iowa.  This photo was taken at the Yates Studio in Worthington, Nobles Co., Minnesota somewhere around 1905, I believe.  Lillian and Margaret Yates were sisters who operated a studio there between 1902-1906. 

This fits with what I've learned about Anna.  I found Anna's photo with a grouping of other Worthington photos.  One of theses photos was a portrait of an older woman named "Anna Pamperin."  A Pamperin relative claimed the picture shortly after, but it wasn't until recently that I realized Anna Pamperin and Anna Bebensee are the same person.  Unfortunately, I no longer have a record of where I sent that Pamperin photo so many years ago.

I found five-year-old Anna in the 1895 Minnesota State census.  She is living with her parents, William and Marie (Wohlguest/Wohlgast) Bebensee.  She is still with her family in Nobles County by the time of the 1900 census.  I found the definitive link to the Pamperin family in the Shelby County, Iowa marriages: Anna Elizabeth Bebensee, b. 1890 married William Pamperin on the 27 Sept. 1909. 

Will and Anna moved to Shelby, Shelby County, Iowa where they lived until at least 1930.  At the time of that year's census, the Pamperin family, now consisting of William, Anna and daughter, Isla (Ida), 9, lived on East Center Street in Shelby.  William was the manager of a pool hall.

I don't know what happens to the family after that, except that I found Anna Pamperin (nee Bebensee) in the California Death Index.   She died 15 January 1981 in San Diego.

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