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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mystery Home #2: Any Watsons Recognize It?

 I was pleased as punch when the first Mystery Home photo I posted had such a happy result.  I'm not so confident about this one.  This postcard photograph was not posted through the mail.  It doesn't have a location written anywhere on it.  Here's what we know:

It reads, "This view is made from the south east.  Sister Stella sits in the buggy.  Orville can see the horse that Grand Pa used to drive.  Old Pet."  It is addressed to Mr and Mrs Watson Peebles.

Any ideas?


  1. This appears to be addressed to Watson G. Peebles who died 28 Oct 1941 in Hoquiam, Grays Harbor, Washington.

    He had a son named Orville (12 November 1901 - 8 Aug 1970)- I'm not sure of "sister Stella".

  2. http://www.interment.net/data/us/wa/chelan/riverview/riverview_pz.htm

    This Stella appears to be a sister-in-law. It looks like she married Hal Peebles. This Oville appears to be a different one - the cemetery is in Chelan, Washington.

    This might explain the grandfather reference (perhaps Watson was the grandfather being noted on the card).

  3. Thanks IG! I had a look at Find-A-Grave and there is a great obituary on Orville and Hal there.

  4. It looks like Hal and his family lived in Four Mile, OK, and near Council Grove, Kansas in a little place called Agnes City. I wonder if either of those places is where the picture was taken? It's a place that would have had sidewalks, anyway....hmmmm..