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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Boy With the White Sash: Ambris Baldwin, Cabri, Sask., 1916

This young man's portrait was taken by Jackson, in Cabri, Saskatchewan, Canada, sometime around 1916, and I'm not convinced he's enjoying the occasion very much.  This picture, along with another from the same sitting, was found in an antique store in Airdrie, Alberta.  Both photos are identified as, "Ambris Baldwin." 

I found seven-year-old Ambris in the 1916 Census of Canada, Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, living in the Village of Cabri, with his father, Cassie Ambris Baldwin, (b. 1886, Ontario) and his mother, Florence, (b. 1889, England, immig. 1894).

From the Lethbridge Herald, 5 March 1941:

Note that Ambris is now going by "L. Ambris Baldwin."  His wife, Anna Shafer, is the daughter of Mrs. & Mrs. Henry Shafer of Barnwell.   Ambris' cousin, Wallace Baldwin, acted as Best Man.

I also found a write-up in the local history book, Hazlet and Its Heritage, compiled by the Hazlet Historical Society in 1984, about Ambris' mother, Florence E. Brooks Baldwin.  It tells us that she and Cassie married in Elkhorn, Manitoba in 1907.  They set up a homestead in the Waldension Valley district, where Cassie also ran a general store and started the Longworth post office.  He opened a store in the Village of Cabri a short while after.  Ambri's father died in 1918 after being inoculated for influenza.  Florence Brooks Baldwin, born 4 May 1889, Devonport, England, died in 1980 at the age of 91 in the Hazlet area. There may also be a write up in the Through the Years: A History of Cabri local history book, but I haven't been able to locate a copy locally.

L. Ambris Baldwin died February 27, 1985 in Calgary, AB at age 76. (source:  http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~abwcobit/Data/Papers/1985C/CalgaryDeaths1985Page5.html)

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