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Friday, March 23, 2012

A Proof Copy of Matilda Lois Harrison, 1849-1878, Maccan, Nova Scotia

This proof copy photograph was part of the Mary Harrison Photo Collection I found at a Vancouver Island antique shop.  The woman is identified as "Matilda Lois Harrison, 1849-1878, wife of James Alexander Harrison" and the image was taken at the William Notman Studio in Halifax, Nova Scotia, sometime between 1876 and 1878.  I know it was after 1876 because the photographer's imprint on the reverse of the card makes reference to a Gold Medal won in that year.

According to a family tree I found on Ancestry, Matilda married James Harrison in 1875.  They had one daughter, Lena May Harrison, born 1876, who died at just over two years of age on Feb 5, 1879.  I also have a carte de visite of Lena May Harrison, also taken at the Notman Studio, in the collection. 

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  1. I have the same photo "copy" in an album that came from Ruth Elizabeth Steele Craig, daughter of James E Steele Craig and Irene Eliza Harrison (daughter of Albert Augustus Harrison) Matilda Lois Harrison was sister to Albert and was 1st wife of 3 for James Alexander Harrison. Matilda Lois and James Alex were 1st cousins (grandchildren of William (1770-1831) and Jane (Coates)(1770-1853)
    I also have 2 photos of her daughter Lena May (Nov 1876 -05 Feb 1879) who died about 45 days after her Mother Matilda
    I have other relative pics if anyone wants a copy send an email to bob.h.harrison@gmail.com