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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Super Sleuth Saturday: Cincinnati Infant, born November 7, 1883

Today's assignment, should you accept it, is to discover the identity of this infant.  The photo was taken at the Shaw studio at the northeast corner of Eighth and Race, in Cincinnati.  We do have a name written on the back.  Trouble is, I can't decipher it, or at least I can't find a match in the records with what I *think* the surname is.  We also have a date of birth:  November 7, 1883. 

Maybe you will have better luck.  I look forward to your comments!


  1. I can't even tell if this is a boy or a girl!

    :) I would think its a boy since they used initials. I read S L Garb - but can find nothing. Perhaps they died as a baby like so many did?

  2. Initially, I thought it was Corb. After looking for a match, I wondered if it was "Curb." Then I looked at Crab. Cub. Gorb. Garb.