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Friday, June 15, 2012

Funeral Card Friday: Elizabeth Davie Wilcocks, 1820-1912, Warwick, Lambton County, Ontario

This death announcement card for Elizabeth Davie Wilcocks was an Internet purchase.  It was one from a group lot of death announcements originating from Lambton County, Ontario.  This particular card tells us quite a bit about Elizabeth.  We know that she died at age 92 on June 27th, 1912 and that her husband, Samuel I. Wilcocks, predeceased her.  We also learn that she had a son, also named Samuel, and that she was to be buried in Arkona Cemetery in Lambton County.

A biography of Lambton county residents provided a detailed history of the Wilcocks family.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Chapel) Davie/Davey of North Devon, England.  She married Samuel Isaac Wilcocks, son of David and Annie (Rowe) Wilcocks, in North Devon, England.  Samuel, Elizabeth and their two sons, Samuel John, and David immigrated to Canada in 1849.  They settled near Woodstock, Ontario for a couple of years prior to moving to Lambton County.  Eight more children were born to the couple:  George, Joseph, Francis, Septemus, Antonius, Bessie and a child who died as an infant.

Samuel Isaac Wilcocks died on November 12, 1901 and at the time of biography in 1906, Elizabeth Davie Wilcocks was reported to have been 84 years old, which presents a slight discrepancy between the book and the death announcement.  The biographer writes (p. 347), "Time has touched her [Elizabeth] lightly.  Her senses are alert, her faculties keen, and she is very active physically.  She is a devoted mother and a true Christian woman and attends the Baptist Church."1

1 Beers, J. H., ed. Commemorative biographical record of the county of Lambton, Ontario... containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens and many of the early settled families. Toronto, 1906. Digital images. Internet Archive. http://archive.org/details/recordlambton00beeruoft: 2012

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  1. beautiful little card..I wish they would still do this instead of the flimsy papers ones:)