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Friday, September 21, 2012

Two-Year-Old Archibald D. McAllister, 1912-[1991?], Victoria, BC

I stopped short of making this one a "What-A-Shame Wednesday" post.  It has a few things about it that make me sigh deeply, such as smudges, stains, scuffs and oxidization of the lower portion of the image.  It is also one of two portraits in my collection that I've been keeping in the garage due to their nasty smell, which likely won't help slow its deterioration, although I've done my best to keep it dry and safe.  But as I pointed out with Mr. Kerr's photograph, by scanning it, we've preserved the image for future generations, sans the stink.  So while it's not been kept in an optimal condition, I am hopeful that a descendant will be able to add it to their family tree information.

This cute little guy is identified on the back as "Archibald D. McAllister, October 8[?], 1914, Age 2 years, 6 days."   The photo was taken by Gibson in Victoria, British Columbia.

I tried to locate information on Archibald in various databases but didn't have much luck.  I did locate a death index entry on the British Columbia Vital Event Registration Records website for Archibald Donald McAllister, born in 1912, who died at 79 years of age in Victoria on the 5th of December, 1991. 

I couldn't find an online obituary, but on my next visit to the Victoria Public Library I will see if I can locate one in the local paper.  In the meantime, if you can help shed some light on the life of Mr. McAllister, please leave a comment.

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