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Friday, June 8, 2018

Never Say Never: Lancey Memorial Cards

Last week I experienced the most wonderful surprise. I received a note through Find-A-Grave from a woman named Harriet, living in Missouri. She contacted me because I had created a number of Lancey family member memorials on the site. The conversation was a familiar one to me, having contacted hundreds of people about genealogical items I've found in antique shops and thrift stores. This time, however, I was the one being asked if I was related to a particular person associated with a found item. Harriet had inherited four Memorial Cards for individuals I have been researching on my husband's line of the family. She was not related and wanted to pass them on to someone who was. 

I've often joked to others that I would love to be on the receiving end of a photo reunion, just once. About a month ago, I even wrote an article about my Family Photo Reunion hobby for a Canadian national magazine where I had stated that finding photographs or documents related to my (or my husband's family) would likely never happen. I guess it's wise to never say never.

From top to bottom (image above):

1) In Remembrance of Eliza Down, Beloved Wife of Charles D. Lancey, Born at Parracombe, Devon, England, 8th March, 1840, Died at Ormstown, Quebec, 2nd August, 1898
Interred in Mount Royal Cemetery, Montreal. [My husband's great-great grandmother]

2) In Remembrance of Charles Dovell Lancey, Born at Parracombe, Devon, England, 21st November 1835, Died at Montreal, Que., 15th January, 1911. Interred in Mount Royal Cemetery, Montreal. [My husband's great-great grandfather]

3) In Remembrance of Walter H. Lancey, Who passed away after a week's illness, at Charleston, SC., August 31st, 1890 in the 30th year of his age. Interred in Mount Royal Cemetery, Montreal, October 23, 1890.

4) Duplicate of #2 Card Charles Dovell Lancey

I am very grateful to Harriet for sending these treasures our way.

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