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Monday, May 21, 2012

The Mills Family Home in Cromwell, Iowa, 1910

I just had to share this image, even though I've already looked into this particular Mills family in my May 16th Wedding Wednesday post: Allen B. Mills & Mary M. Wiedman, Creston, IA, 1903 .  It's always interesting when you are able to place the people you research in context with their day-to-day surroundings.  Isn't this a lovely home?  The following notes are written on the back of the photograph:

[In pencil] Mr & Mrs Allen Mills with daughter Lola, 1910.  Cromwell, Ia.  Mills Farm House.

[In ballpoint pen] Our home on Burns place - 1910.  Allie, Marie & Lola on the front porch with the dog, Bounce [or Brince].

I wonder if the house is still standing. 


  1. I hope the place is still standing! Its a beautiful home!

  2. It's fun to find photos of family members outside their homes. I have very few, and I blogged about an ancestor's home in Pittsburgh at From Maine to Kentucky. Unfortunately, I do not believe this house is still standing, though.

  3. According to the 1910 census, this house is in Douglas Township and Allen B. Mills is a farmer. The house is most likely in the country. Very few family farms much less homes still exist.

  4. Yes, the house was most definitely located on a farm (see: May 16 post, "Wedding Wednesday: Allen B. Mills and Mary M. Wiedman, Creston, IA, 1903.) I also found pictures of Allen (or Allie, as he was also known) driving a tractor on the farm.

  5. Randy Buxton's grandparents Don & Mary Taylor purchased the property from the Hazel Burn's family in the mid 1960's. Randy and his wife Carol still reside in this house. It is very much still standing and is a beautiful place!!